Literary Magazines for Black Writers

If you’re like me, then you’re probably always looking for places to showcase your writing. This day in age, you don’t necessarily NEED a literary magazine to do that; however, it doesn’t completely exclude them.

Literary magazines introduce your work to an audience you might not have been able to reach on your own. It’s not always easy to find a literary magazine that matches your style of writing.

I know it’s not easy for me especially as a black person writing about black characters dealing with black issues. That is why I have compiled this list of literary magazine’s catering to black writers and the black voice.

Black Girl Magic | $50 per short story
“Black Girl Magic Lit Mag is a literary magazine created to address the lack of diverse, non-majority voices and characters in speculative fiction, especially Black women’s voices. Black Girls are Magic Lit Mag believes that by showcasing stories featuring Black female voices and characters we can create a reflection of ourselves in the literature that we love, in a world where our images are constantly controlled, shaped, and distorted by those outside of our experiences .”

“ online literary magazine featuring black women writers and artists. Its goal is to expose readers to the diversity of the black woman’s experience and strengthen the black female voice in both the mainstream and independent markets. We hope to illuminate the exceptional work of a newer generation while reaching back to those whose words may have been ignored in the past.”

Union Station
“Union Station has a distinct urban aesthetic. We seek to be inclusive, to put into relation the many narratives, images, and voices that are redefining our landscape. Come here. Go Everywhere.”
Submission is year round.

Linden Avenue
“Linden Avenue strives to tell simple stories in stunning ways. We aren't interested in the opaque. We thrive on publishing creative works of a clear, concise, and character driven manner.”

“Founded in July, 2011, Specter publishes new fiction and nonfiction of all forms, styles, and genres, from all creative individuals regardless of race, gender, and sexual identity.”

Mosaic | $50 for book reviews. $100+ for essays, interviews, etc. depending on word count. 
“Launched in1998, Mosaic is a print tri-annual (February, June, & October) that explores the literary arts by writers of African descent, and features interviews, essays, and book reviews.”

“A journal devoted to creative work by and critical studies of the work of African Americans and peoples of African descent throughout the African Diaspora.”

“Since its beginning in 1996, TimBookTu has been an Internet pioneer offering its online audience poetry, fiction, essays and other forms of the written word. The site has focused on writing that relates to African-American culture, the black experience and the shared heritage of those of the African diaspora.”

*Last Updated December 8, 2015.


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